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Current Category: ACR Skeletal
102 This 7 week old boy had an upper respiratory infection, subperiosteal new bone of both humeri was observed on a chest fil~1

103 Representative radiographs of normal subjects at ages 2 months to 30 years (6)

105 This girl has a neurogenic urinary bladder (3)

106 21 year old woman with pain in the left hip, and a long history of cervical and mediastinal lymph node enlargement (1)

106 Normal Computerized Tomography (7)

107 39-year-old female with dry cough of several months duration (4)

107 Back pain (6)

108 2 year history of progressive pain in the right lower leg (2)

108 47-year-old male with complaints of productive cough, hemoptysis and chest pain-old history of gun-shot wound in upper sp~1

109 5 month old girl with alopecia (1)

109 65-year-old female with cardiac arrhythmia (1)

110 34-year-old female complaining of fatigue and weakness and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease (1)

110 Sudden onset of back pain (2)

111 68-year-old male with severe respiratory distress (2)

112 39-year-old male with acute respiratory distress (2)

113 22-year-old female with post-operative respiratory distress (2)

113 65 year old man with bone pain (6)

114 4-year-old female child who collapsed suddenly on a playground and was found unconscious with no trauma (1)

115 10 year old boy with a large mass in the left antecubital fossa (4)

115 R-O lung nodule (3)

116 35 year old man with back pain (4)

116 Asymptomatic 20-year-old female (2)

117 47-year-old female with hypertension, severe weakness, chronic backache, and intermittent chest discomfort (2)

117 50 year old man with diffuse bone pain, clubbing of fingers, and a destructive lesion in the left proximal humerus (4)

118 77-year-old man who was in an auto accident (2)

118 Enlarging mass in the right buttock of a child (2)

119 Middle-aged man who is asymptomatic (0)

120 The hands of a patient who complains of bone and joint pain (2)

120 Two patients whose diagnosis is visible in the chest wall (2)

121 57 year old woman with a history of carcinoma of the cervix (1)

121 66-year-old male with progressive lung disease for many years (3)

122 60-year-old man with carcinoma of the colon and right shoulder pain (1)

122 This 3 month old male was febrile and cried excessively, the lower jaw is swollen (2)

123 41-year-old male with a cough, fever and malaise (2)

123 This is the left lower limb of a 19 year old male, who has been paralyzed since early childnood (3)

124 72-year-old woman with anemia and low back pain (2)

125 69-year-old male hospitalized with malaise, weight loss, and swelling of the left leg (5)

125 This 10 year old boy has had a skin rash with muscle weakness since the age of three (4)

126 68-year-old woman with progressively increasing back pain over a period of 6 months (2)

126 A 30 year old man who was treated for thrombophlebitis (5)

127 3-month-old female with nasal congestion, increasing dyspnea, and wheezing (2)

128 54-year-old male with repeated episodes of asthma, hemoptysis, and dyspnea on exertion (1)

129 30-year-old woman who broke her ankle and bruised her chest while skiing (2)

129 This 20 year old man was born with short great toes (8)

130 Asymptomatic 40-year-old female (2)

130 Two adult females with the same disorder - both suffer from seizures and mental retardation (4)

131 Asymptomatic 51-year-old female nurse (3)

132 38-year-old alcoholic with upper gastrointestinal bleeding (1)

132 This patient complains of back pain (2)

133 56-year-old woman with chest pain (2)

134 Routine chest film on admission of 43-year-old male to a mental institution (1)

135 Routine chest film of 72-year-old female resident of a mental institution (2)

136 Asymptomatic 66-year-old male (1)

137 73-year-old female with clinical manifestations of cardiac insufficiency (1)

138 8-year-old girl who was asymptomatic except for exercise intolerance (3)

139 Patient A, 59-year-old male with history of chronic cough, Patient B, 58-year-old man with chronic cough and hypoxemia (6)

140 Asymptomatic 55-year-old adult male whose employment films showed questionable findings (2)

141 75-year-old male received radiation therapy for a fibrosarcoma in the pelvic region (5)

142 60-year-old male with chronic bronchitis (1)

143 45-year-old male with discomfort of the left neck, swelling and weakness, has left ptosis and miosis (2)

144 Patient A, 29-year-old male with chest deformity, Patient B, 46-year-old male with soft tissue swelling in base of the n~1

145 57-year-old male with history of chest pain and hemoptysis (3)

146 58-year-old male with increasing chest pain, chronic productive cough, and repeated episodes of hemoptysis (3)

147 27-year-old woman who experienced dyspnea 2 days postpartum (2)

148 Young adult male addicted to intravenous drug administration who developed endocarditis (2)

149 54-year-old male who noted an unexplained increase in his chest circumference (2)

150 Two different women who have had cancer (3)

151 Young adult prisoner complaining of intermittent chest pain, cough and hemoptysis (2)

152 57-year-old male, heavy drinker, known hypertensive, non-smoker, complained of cough and yellow expectoration (3)

153 61-year-old male with anemia and weakness (3)

154 Patient A, middle-aged female with left-sided chest pain, Patient B, adult male with right chest discomfort (6)

155 27-year-old male who suffered a stab wound in the back with resultant left pneumothorax and subcutaneous emphysema (5)

156 39-year-old asymptomatic male with an abnormality on his employment chest radiographs (4)

201 35-year-old man who had severe head injury (2)

202 55-year-old female with flulike symptoms of fever, malaise, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, and headache (2)

203 Acutely ill 20-year-old male with spiking fever, cough with productive sputum, and chest pain (4)

204 57-year-old farmer with severe chest pain and dyspnea after filling a silo (2)

205 42 year old Negro male with pain in the right knee for 6 months (2)

205 50-year-old man complaining of severe shortness of breath (3)

206 60-year-old hypertensive male with complaints of headache, lethargy, nausea and vomiting, and skin itching (3)

206 Adult male with hypernephroma - renal cell carcinoma (2)

207 52-year-old male with slight dyspnea on exertion and known rheumatoid arthritis (3)

208 68 year old man with recent back sprain (4)

208 Two patients with the same disease (4)

209 34-year-old male who had been in closed garage for several days using paint remover and became dizzy and dyspneic (1)

210 51-year-old male with prostration, high fever, weight loss, and persistent headache (4)

210 There are multiple radiolucent lesions in many bones (4)

211 15 year old girl who was recently kicked by a horse (3)

211 38-year-old male who was brought to the emergency room obtunded (3)

212 18-year-old female brought to the emergency room by the life-saving squad in severe respiratory distress and coma (1)

213 Both patients are acutely ill with the same disease (3)

214 58-year-old farmer with acute shortness of breath (4)

215 20-year-old male who experienced repeated episodes of acute pneumonia (3)

216 22 year old white male who fell and complains of pain in the knee (2)

217 38-year-old male who was asymptomatic except for occasional exertional dyspnea (1)

218 43-year-old woman with dry hacking cough of 6 weeks duration (2)

219 21-year-old male with a history of repeated asthmatic attacks since childhood (5)

220 19-year-old man with gradually progressive dyspnea for 6 months (2)

222 42-year-old male who was receiving chemotherapy after removal of a malignant testicular tumor (2)

223 13-year-old boy who was found to have a mass in his neck in 1953 (3)

224 83-year-old female who presented with obstipation and jaundice (2)

225 65-year-old man who worked as a hard-rock coalminer who was forced to retire because of dyspnea on mild exertion (2)

226 39-year-old slender female who discovered a lump on her elbow (4)

227 73-year-old male with a 3-year history of increasing dyspnea and cough (4)

228 50-year-old female with hypertension for several years, developed asthmatic breathing, shortness of breath and tachycard~1

229 75-year-old male with chronic respiratory distress (3)

230 38-year-old woman complaining of painful swelling of her ears, deafness, dyspnea, and arthritic-like pains in her neck (5)

231 54-year-old male with chronic productive cough, malaise, fever and chills (4)

232 Routine prenatal examination in a 26-year-old black woman (2)

233 41-year-old black man with nonproductive cough, fever, shortness of breath and left chest pain (6)

234 25-year-old black male who came to the hospital complaining of cough and slight malaise (4)

251 75-year-old man with dyspnea, weakness, anorexia, weight loss, vague abdominal pain and noted to be mildly jaundiced (2)

302 9 year old girl with generalized arthritis and stiff neck (3)

303 Stiff back for many years (2)

304 Man, age 30, with 6 month history of low-back pain (2)

305 55 year old man with joint pains (10)

306 Man who has intermittent attacks of pain, redness, and swelling in one or more major joints (3)

307 Woman, age 69, with wobbly knee for at least 10 years (3)

308 Adult female with slight right hip discomfort that does not hamper walking (1)

309 36 year old man with pain in the knee (3)

313 The evaluation of arthritis (7)

315 These are radiographs of the hands and feet of several people with leprosy (7)

316 This 32 year old female had intermittent pain in the left hip for approximately one year (3)

317 This 69 year old woman suffered a painless burn of the left upper limb at the age of 24 years (1)

319 67 year old male with conjunctivitis and arthritis of both heels presented following gastroenteritis (8)

320 34 year old male who had urethritis and a history of arthritis affecting both feet and low back pain (4)

321 Young adult male with urethritis, conjunctivitis, and arthritis of toes, fingers and heels (3)

322 26 year old white male who developed conjunctivitis during his first episode of urethritis and then arthritis (9)

401 A two year old girl with a history of pain and swelling of the left leg (2)

402 A 12 year old girl presented with pain and swelling of the right knee (3)

403 A nine year old girl with sty of the eyelid became febrile and developed pain in the right hip (3)

404 A six year old boy was admitted to the hospital with pain in the left hip for 11 days (2)

405 A 39 year old man was bitten on the finger by a dog (1)

407 An 11 year old boy suffered mild trauma to the right leg (2)

408 A 9 year old boy had a one month history of fever and progressive pain in the right ankle (2)

409 A 43 year old diabetic woman had a furuncle complicated by staphloccoccic septicemia (1)

410 A 50 year old man with chronic osteomyelitis that resulted from persistence of an inflammatory process over a long period~1

411 A 15 year old boy had a six week history of fever and back pain (2)

412 Fever and back pain developed in this 47 year old man after resection of a transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bl~1

413 This 46 year old man had tuberculosis of the spine for many years (2)

414 This is a typical example of tuberculous osteomyelitis of the spine with paravertebral abscess in a young child (2)

415 In this 47 year old man there is extensive destruction of the femoral head and neck with little reactive bone sclerosis (1)

416 This 13 year old boy had pain in the left leg for three weeks (1)

417 The tertiary stage of syphilis (1)

418 A patient with tertiary syphilis (3)

419 A 19 year old male complained of pain in the forearm since suffering slight trauma (1)

420 A three year old girl with hemoglobin S-C disease had pain and swelling in both legs (2)

501 A 17 year old male with pain in the knees (6)

502 36 year old female with coarse facies and enormous hands and feet (4)

503 The patient complains that she is too short - her mother is also too short (5)

504 2 year old boy admitted for evaluation of severe itching and unwillingness to walk (3)

505 10 year old girl with webbed neck and diminished blood pressure in lower limbs (4)

507 61 year old man with progressive pain in the right knee (2)

508 Mental retardation (2)

509 Small stature and failure to thrive (4)

510 This 23 year old male is mentally retarded (4)

511 34 year old woman has pain in her left leg (2)

512 Pain and increasing bony mass along anterior leg (1)

513 53 year old man with gradually increasing hat size over the past ten years (2)

515 This is a 43 year old woman with breast cancer and an elevated serum level of alkaline phosphatase (1)

516 The patient has been treated for thyrotoxicosis (3)

517 This man is only 45 years old, yet he has a severe degeneration of articular cartilage (5)

518 This 67 year old woman has chronic renal failure (3)

522 At the age of 2 years this girl was hospitalized for rickets (3)

523 This 74 year old woman is short of breath (6)

524 This boy has severe dermatomyositis (3)

525 The brother of this 2 year old girl died one week ago from the same acquired disorder (2)

526 An extremely irritable 10 month old white female who was said to have arthritis and rheumatism (2)

527 History of chronic peptic ulcer disease necessitating two gastric resections (2)

601 43 year old man (2)

602 Two and a half year old girl with a 3 month history of pain in the limbs and fever (1)

603 4 year old boy easily fatigued for 3 weeks (1)

604 Adult male with abdominal pain (2)

605 Same problem - the hands are those of a 35 year old woman and the feet are those of a 1 year old boy (3)

606 Sickle cell thalassemia (3)

607 Chronic pain and swelling of knee and shoulder - the mass in left flank has been present for years (4)

608 This young adult male has symptoms of cholecystitis (4)

609 Two and a half year old Chinese girl whose mother noted that the child was becoming darker in color (4)

610 13 year old boy with long-standing progressive anemia and jaundice (5)

611 8 year old girl with anemia (4)

612 30 year old man with pain in the hips (5)

701 33 year old man with severe scoliosis (4)

702 Short fingers and toes - remainder of skeletal structures are normal in length (2)

703 Unilateral lower limb shortening and diffuse hemangiomas (1)

707 Diastrophic dwarfism (4)

708 This 3 year old girl has an extra digit on each hand and foot and a cardiac murmur (4)

709 Hurler's syndrome - Gargoylism (4)

711 Enchondromatosis - Ollier's disease (4)

714 This adult woman complains of painful bones (4)

717 Chondrodystrophia calcificans congenita - Congenital Stippled Epiphyses (1)

718 Dysplasia epiphysialis multiplex (5)

720 13 year old boy with moderate dwarfing and coxa vara deformities of the hips (8)

721 This 2 year old boy was normal at birth - at the age of 9 months kyphosis of the spine was noted (8)

722 This is another example of Morquio-Brailsford disease but in an older child (4)

803 Trauma to right wrist (7)

806 43 year old female with injury to the right knee (4)

808 Eight different soldiers presenting with pain (8)

809 Injury to left shoulder (2)

810 An 85 year old woman had her purse snatched by a purse-snatcher but she refused to part with it (2)

811 Fell off a cliff, landing on outstretched hand with elbow partially flexed (1)

812 Fell off a cliff, landing on outstretched hand with elbow fully extended (1)

813 Trauma to the knee of teenaged boy (2)

814 14 year old male with acute pain in buttocks while negotiating high hurdles (2)

815 14 year old male with injury to the elbow (2)

816 Elderly female with trauma to the left hip (2)

817 80 year old man who injured his left foot 5 years ago (3)

818 22 year old male involved in an auto accident, he received a severe jolt to the chest from the steering wheel (2)

819 14 year old girl fell on right hand and now has point tenderness over the distal radius (2)

820 10 year old female twisted left foot (4)

821 28 year old male fell off horse, landing on buttocks - now has right sided low back pain (4)

822 Trauma in 15 year old female (4)

823 42 year old female sustained trauma falling directly onto buttocks (2)

824 Teenager with sudden onset of pain beneath the right knee (2)

825 Injury to the right wrist (3)

826 Trauma to the wrist (2)

828 25 year old male whose right knee struck the dashboard in an automobile accident (1)

830 Patient brought to hospital by her mother because of swelling of the left arm and right ankle, the mother denies a histor~1

831 19 year old male was stabbed in the right supraclavicular area (3)

832 40 year old woman suffered a gunshot wound to the lower leg (6)

833 This patient suffered trauma resulting in a dislocated shoulder (1)

834 A girl, age 20, wearing a lap-type seat belt, was riding in a car that was struck head-on by another automobile (4)

902 Twisted left ankle (2)

904 34 year old man with cafe-au-lait spots on skin (1)

905 History withheld (4)

906 Experiences difficulty obtaining ready-made shoes (1)

907 72 year old lady who fell on elbow (1)

909 48 year old man with pain in the hips and coarsened facial features (3)

910 55 year old man with pain in right hip (1)

911 58 year old man (1)

912 This 72 year old woman fell on her right forearm - Rule out fracture (1)

913 6 year old girl (1)

914 66 year old female with 'tightening' of skin (1)

915 28 year old female with pain in hands (1)

916 14 year old male with hip pain for one year, now bilateral (2)

917 Newborn with soft-tissue bands (1)

918 11 year old male (2)

919 52 year old lady with history of weight loss and guaiac positive stools and diffuse bone pain (2)

920 Sudden onset of pain in the little finger after trauma (3)

921 53 year old man developed sudden painful swelling of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the left foot (2)

922 68 year old woman with a long history of painful hips and limping (1)

923 Woman, age 43, with morning stiffness in the hands and wrists, and pain and swelling of the metacarpophalangeal joints (2)

924 56 year old lady had four spontaneous fractures of the femurs by the age of 8 years (4)

925 12 year old boy with difficulty flexing fingers and progressive dysphagia (1)

926 This patient is very short (5)

927 19 year old female with pain in right knee (2)

928 Trauma to left wrist (2)

930 31 year old fireman dropped extinguisher on foot (2)

931 Low back pain for many years in a 42 year old female (2)

933 5 year old male (2)

934 19 year old female with impacted teeth and hypertelorism (3)

935 4 and a half year old girl with a 6 month history of pain in the right hip (2)

936 18 year old girl with 18 month history of unrelenting pain in left foot (3)

937 19 year old patient bruised his forearm (1)

938 52 year old man with hematuria (3)

939 50 year old man with progressively enlarging mass in anterior chest wall (3)

940 5 year old male with soft tissue mass in nasopharynx, and pain in both hips (2)

941 Infants displaying the same genetic disorder (5)

942 39 year old woman with pain in the arm (1)

943 11 year old girl (2)

944 36 year old woman with back pain and supraclavicular lymph node enlargement (4)

945 Unilateral shortening of upper and lower limbs (6)

946 Infant with congenital multicystic kidneys (3)

947 Man, age 21, with history of gunshot wound to twelfth thoracic vertebra (2)

948 9 year old boy had pain in the left leg and a slightly discolored firm mass along the anterolateral portion of the leg (1)

949 63 year old man with generalized arthritis and scaly rash (3)

950 52 year old man with 6 year history of pain in right shoulder and recent onset of back pain (2)

951 46 year old male with left wrist trauma (3)

952 Trauma (2)

953 24 year old woman fell out of car (2)

954 19 year old male jumped approximately 40 feet then complains of severe low back pain (4)

955 62 year old man has a markedly elevated alkaline phosphatase and has Bence Jones proteinuria (3)

956 18 year old female with knee pain (4)

957 There are two studies of the left knee of a girl (5)