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This site has been designed for you as a student of Neurology at AECC. We hope that you enjoy and learn from the presentations and information given on this site.

The information on this site is not examinable and is extra to your Neurology course.

Accessing this site does not result in a mark and so will not affect your grade in this subject. It is purely designed to provide exercises and guidance in clinical thinking in the area of Neurology.

So, this is a "no fear" site. However, the experience gained from completing the questions is aimed at helping you organise and test your clinical thinking and should improve your confidence and performance in Neurology and other Clinical Science areas.

Use of the site is recorded so that we can get some idea of usefulness to you by looking at the patterns of access. Submitted answers are stored for the same purpose.

Dr George Rix, (

Dr Turner for his enormous efforts in piloting this site

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