The Cases
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Each week, a patient case history and physical examination findings will be presented. These are edited real cases. You will be asked to evaluate this information and answer some questions about each case. You should keep a record of the significant findings and the answers which you submit for each case.

The answers to the questions will be given on this site in the following week. You can check them against your responses In addition, a full discussion of the patient's condition and diagnosis will be provided. This will give other conditions to be considered in a differential diagnosis list.

You should note any unfamiliar terms, including acronyms, which you come across. The aim is to stimulate and expand your knowledge in a relatively user-friendly way.

The Method:
You could consider yourself to be a neurological detective. Your first job is to sift through the clinical information and identify the facts.

I have provided you with the following model to assist your organised approach to each case. Take each step in turn. You may wish to keep a written note of your considerations for future reference.

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