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Online Resources

The Library has a number of electronic resources available via the Intranet. Please see the menu on the left hand-side of this page.

Mango Language Learning
Learn a new language or improve your English.

We subscribe to these resources on your behalf and we have selected other, free, resources for you. Please bear the copyright restrictions in mind when using these electronic resources.

In addition to the online resources, the library also pays subscriptions for Statistics for the Terrified and Axiom Neuro (an 'interactive functional atlas that uses animations to bring the complex and dynamic nervous system of the spinal cord and brain into clear focus giving students and health professionals a detailed, intuitive look into human neuroanatomy').

Statistics for the Terrified can be found on selected PCs in the computer rooms. Axiom Neuro can be used on the computer in the group study room in the library.

ClaroRead Assitive Technology is also available on two (labelled) PCs in the Library computer room and one in Cavendish House (first floor).

There are also a number Electronic Resources available to you from Bournemouth University. Your BU IT login (myBU) username and password is required to access these resources.